Flower Preservation Services in Tulsa

Mim’s Shoppe is Tulsa’s ONLY preserved floral shop can save your wedding and funeral flower arrangements at very affordable prices.


Mims Shoppe creates unique floral arrangements out of your wedding or funeral flowers.  We are dedicated to actively providing beautiful and inspirational dried floral arrangements. Our mission is to help celebrate the special moments in people’s lives, to give honest and dependable service with products that combine visual beauty and custom artistry!

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Are you getting married soon?

Would you like to preserve your wedding flowers?

If you know in advance that you plan to have your flowers preserved, please let your florist know. They may want to call Mim’s to ask which flowers dry better than others. Most flowers are suitable for the drying process but some produce less satisfying results. Some of these are Spider Mums, flowers in the Daisy family, flowers with loosely attached petals and some greenery, though most greens work. These flowers can be substituted in the final dried design, however, by using flowers of similar look and color. Mim’s keeps a variety on hand for this purpose.

The Next Step?

The flowers should be delivered to Mim’s asap…one or two days after the event . For best results, be sure your flowers have water. Refrigeration is good also, but be careful and DO NOT FREEZE the flowers !. Like that head of lettuce we’ve all “lost” by mistake!

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