Our Process

Flower Preservation Process

Upon receiving your flowers:

  • Photographs will be taken of all floral arrangements.
  • The arrangements will be disassembled so that each flower can be dried individually.
  • Different flowers require different drying-time.
  • All flowers and inclusions ( ribbons, pins, etc.) are labeled.
  • The flowers are completely covered with silica gel, a fine, almost powder-like desiccant that absorbs all the moisture from the blooms leaving them in their most natural state of color and shape. The flowers will be checked and re- checked to ensure proper drying. Note: The color of some flowers will alter slightly.white becomes cream or ivory while darker flowers (reds, purples) become deeper and more intense in color. Over time it is normal for some fading to occur which usually lends a patina of elegance to your arrangement.
  • After drying the flowers are sprayed with a dried flower sealant which enhances the color and protests against moisture and sunlight. However, it is advised to not display your keepsake in areas of high humidity or strong lighting.
  • The flowers are arranged into the special keepsake ( or keepsakes ) of your choosing. Multiple keepsakes can be created …something for Mom, too, or Grandmother or Mother-in-law, etc.
  • The entire process can take from 3 to 4 weeks or longer depending on the custom order.
  • And Then?

Pick up your keepsakes and ENJOY for years to come!